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Export images from video

I often have the task to export images with a distance of two or three seconds from a video. For this I mostly use the tool Ffmpeg. Since it is hard to remember the correct command that is also described in the Ffmpeg wiki, here is a small code generator for this. With correct values, the Ffmpeg command is displayed above the code generator.

Video filename
Export gap in seconds
Image width (in pixels)
Image height (in pixels)
Image filename
Image format

Ffmpeg command

The following ffmpeg command parses a video with the filename {{parameters.videoFilename||''}} and exports an image with a delay of {{parameters.exportIntervalInSeconds||'2'}} seconds second in the format {{parameters.imageFormat||'jpg'}} , a size of {{parameters.imageWidth||604}}x{{parameters.imageHeight||353}}px and the filename {{parameters.imageFilename||'image'}}_%05d.{{parameters.imageFilename||'imageFormat'}} . The %05d is replaced by a ongoing number.

                        ffmpeg -i -vf fps=1/2 -s 604x353 image_%05d.jpg