From the life of a screen worker

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Reduce unnecessary workload

As described in my article IntelliJ live templates with Symfony3, I always try to simplify or completely automate recurring efforts you have to deal with as a software developer. So here I describe a solution for the fact that I as a user of the IntelliJ development environment have to struggle around with innumerable, quickly created scratch files whose content has already become obsolete.

Since I am used to empty these "note files", which are automatically generated by pressing , and N when code is selected, most of the time only a file with a name like scratch_13.txt or scratch_6.yml will remain on my computer. The deletion of the file itself is usually lost in the heat of the moment.

Automated deletion using a bash script

With the following bash script, which is also contained in my scratch files folder, all empty files are automatically deleted:


                cd $(dirname $0)

                find . -size  0 -print0 |xargs -0 rm

                exit 1

By clicking on the file, all empty scratch files should now be deleted automatically. If this does not work, it might help to adjust the permissions of the file accordingly: chmod a+x delete-empty-scratches.command . The saved time can then be used to check the remaining files and their contents for relevance, to then delete them or use them otherwise.