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Better default shell

I use my Shell in a very high frequency. Some years ago I switched from the default to the free and open source alternative iTerm2. Unfortenately its not possible to set a default Shell in macOS at all so here an overview for the ways I tried to install iTerm2 as a replacement for

Update default app for specific filetype

Since I work a lot with React Native it drove me crazy that the launchPackager.command was always opened with the default To fix this, you can just hit the Get Info context menu for any file that ends with .command . The you can just head to the "Open with" section and hit the "Change all" button to use iTerm2 to open all files with the type .command .

A shorter way to do this with a single file is by just pressing the Alt (⎇) key while the Open with is visible. This will change the Open with menu item with Always open with .

Screenshot: Finder configuration of .command files

iTerm2 url scheme registering

iTerm2 is also able to register itself as default url handler in the To do so, just open the settings, go to "Profile" and select the url schema you want to register. iTerm2 will the ask you if you really want to overwrite the default scheme.

Screenshot: iTerm2 preferences

Update default app for specific filetype

Another solution is the PreferencePaneRCDefaultApp from rubicode. With RCDefaultApp its possible to change every default application for any file type. The hardest part is basically to find all the file types you want to change. In my screenshot I changed the default application from to iTerm2 for the file type .

Screenshot: Preference pane: RCDefaultApp