From the life of a screen worker

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What happended the last month

My new website has been online for about a month now. An exciting month in which, of course, I was not inactive. Overall, there were six updates to the live server that were created while I was working on what I called "version 1.1". With these updates, I've fixed minor spelling mistakes, a few flaws in the design, and some problems with the Google crawling. Also I tried to get a little more control over the performance or energy consumption of this site. In addition, I was delighted that Google is intensively involved in indexing this blog and showing it at the top positions for various search terms again.

But what changed, bro?

Just shortly after the release of the first version of my website, I noticed that I could parse and display data from my Steam, Soundcloud and Withings account. So the homepage is now displaying my current weight, my played hours on Steam as well as the number of likes on Soundcloud that I made. The full changelog:

New in version 1.1

  • Optimizations everywhere
  • Two new eastereggs, have you found the first 20 already?
  • Data from Steam on the homepage
  • Data from Soundcloud on the homepage
  • Data from Withings on the homepage
  • New "facts" backgrounds
  • Users in twitter boxes are linked now
  • Reaching my 10000th day alive will no longer destroy the layout
  • Javascript is paused when the tab runs in the background to save resources
  • On the homepage is now also always a random blog post link

One bug, one test

While developing this page, I decided to write a test for every bug I will find. To make that possible at all, I had to fork and modify the gulp module gulp-expect-file to make it possible to summarize the console outputs. Actually, 1179 tests are now running successfully, and all the things that have gone wrong with the generation of my static website are fixed forever. A blog article about this topic will follow in the coming months.

Screenshot: 1179 test cases are successfull