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Cornelias and Thomas home

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Keltenstr. 3, D-88250 Weingarten


Keltenstr. 3
D-88250 Weingarten


Thomas Kekeisen
+49 151 12 67 55 54

Cornelia Frey
+49 173 29 53 83 6

Nice to see you on the way to us. Your navigation system should work well with our address. Our apartment is in the fourth floor and there is no elevator. The pin on the map points directly to our apartment. Our apartment is in the top floor on the left side. The main entrance is highlighted with purple ( ) color.


Although we live in an area with many high-rise buildings, there is usually enough parking space for visitors available. The green area ( ) marks parking spaces for visitors. The most of the time you will find a spot there. The yellow-gold area ( ) are public parking spaces that are not especially reserved for visitors. The red areas ( ) should only used for loading and unloading. But often, residents use this spots for parking. You will risk to get a ticket if you park there.