From the life of a screen worker

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Thomas' home

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Gartenstr. 14/1, D-88212 Ravensburg


Gartenstr. 14/1
D-88212 Ravensburg


Thomas Kekeisen
+49 151 12 67 55 54

Nice, that you are on the way to visit me. Your navigation system should find its path properly. My apartment is located on the ground floor and is marked blue () on the map. The main door is marked purple (). You have to pass the big main gate if you arrive by foot. It is also marked purple () . Once you have gone through the gate, you must keep to the left.


Unfortunately, you cannot park directly next to my apartment. If you just need to unload or load something, you can try to park in front of the large steel gate in the fire brigade driveway. Its marked red () on the map.

If you want to stay longer, you can park directly opposite in the Frauentor car park or in a parking lot park a little further away. Both places are marked green () on the map. If you come to visit me in the evening or on public holidays, it is also possible that there is a free space in the underground car park, which I have to open for you manually. The entrance to the underground car park is marked in gold on the map () .